Smoking is Harmful

Electronic cigarette and Health

                They said that electronic cigarettes are safe but we are not 100 percent sure for that. Studies show that e-cigarette found many carcinogens as in regular cigarette. The choice of less nicotine or 0 percent nicotine is ideal and safe but somehow, they can still harm our health. You will not believe this but there are more than 4 000 carcinogens found on regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes don’t contain the same numbers but they can still harm us. Vapors that form when vaping are not advisable for babies and children. We never know the effect now but we better careful. What are the risks in vaping e-cigarettes? Let’s find out together.

What are the risks of e-cigarette?

                Do you know that some e-cigarette manufacturers may add a dangerous ingredient that called diethylene glycol? It is a poisonous liquid and has a sweet taste. It is dangerous to human health because it has anti-freeze component. Make sure to choose trusted brands to avoid this. It is true that e-cigarette doesn’t contain the same chemicals found in regular cigarette but there is still deadly components found like nitrosamines. It is found in e-liquid that contains nicotine. Anyway, there are e-cigarettes that are available without nicotine. You should be wise enough to choose an e-cigarette that contains 0 percent nicotine. This is a benefit that you can get from e-cigarette. You can choose how much nicotine you can use in vaping e-cigarette.

There is a risk for children getting involved in e-cigarette. The flavors are yummy and child friendly like chocolate, strawberry, orange, mocha, vanilla and more. Once they tried it, there will be a chance to try over and over again. Parents are responsible to their children. They should be responsible enough to look after their children’s activities. Always remind them on any consequences they’ll get if they will try e-cigarette.  There are dangers in some e-cigarette that failed their batteries. Make sure to choose the best ones. Misuse of the product may lead to serious circumstances.

You are responsible to charge e-batteries within the time limit and it should be unplug immediately. There is some leakage happening in some cartridges. Most of them are the cheap ones. Make sure to choose a quality product. It is worth paying if the product is excellent, durable and long lasting. You should aim for the good quality products to have the best experience ever.